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James Wojcik

When photographer James Wojcik is not consuming the oysters he cultivates from seed in the waters around Shelter Island, he is busy photographing them on the half shell as inspiration for an ongoing series of photographs.

A resident of Shelter Island since 1988 and a still-life photographer in New York City, James Wojcik has toyed with other hands-on seed to product ventures such as gardening and winemaking. A desire to get closer to the sea where he lives and a need to create something both sustainable and photographable from it led to his embracing the oyster.

“Posed so still before my camera with their little hearts beating between exposures, these models are always the perfect muse. After our intimate artistic session together, each and every one is eaten. It is a true testament of farm to camera to table.

“I hope someday these photographs can assist in making people aware of the importance of shellfish restoration necessary to keep our waters clean and the healthful attitude of growing food to share and trade with your friends.”

Thank you to Kim Tetrault from the SPAT program at the Cornell Extension in Southold. My right hand digital man Bob Moyers, assistants Kyle Dorosz, Rowan Tabor and Konrad Wojcik. Pirate food stylist Brett Kurzweil. Designer Steve Motzenbecker. My wife Marianne and daughter Tiki. And of course our dog Chestnut for being a good companion and protecting the oysters against intruders from the land and sea.